Chocolate Melting Pot Hot

Chocolate Melting Pot Hot


RM 65 (SM/SS)



Have fun with the whole family. With the Chocolatiere Electric Chocolate Melting Pot you can melt any kind of chocolate without water to create different shapes and sizes. Ideal for the professional or hobby cook or pastry chef. Re-usable moulds and delicious recipes also included.

* Suitable for any kind of chocolate
* Ideal for the professional or hobby pastry chef or cook
* Re-usable moulds included
* Delicious recipes also included

What’s included 
* 1 x Electric Chocolate Melting Pot 
* 1 x Spatula
* 6 x Moulds(Hearts, Bears, Squares, Coffee beans, Stars, Christmas trees) 
* 1 x Large Heart shaped mold 
* 10 x Plastic skewers for chocolate fondue 
* 10 x Plastic forks for fruit 
* 1 x Spiral fork for truffle dipping 
* 1 x Flat chocolate making fork for handling square chocolates

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