Tobi Portable Travel Steamer

Tobi Portable Travel Steamer


RM 62 (SM/SS)


* Extra Lightweight & Portable
* Perfect for removing wrinkles from clothes when traveling on business/vacation
* Fits easily in suitcase/garment bags
* It's convenient size makes it easy to pack & use
* Can be taking everywhere
* Safe for all kind of fabrics
* Powerful; Compact; Fast; Easy & Safe

Product Description
* Safe to use on different types of materials
* Steams out unwanted garment wrinkles
* Deodorize garments

Suitable for:
* Clothes & Garments
* Drapes & Sheers
* Tablecloths & Bedding
* Cloth Shower Curtains
* Upholstered Furniture
* Carpets

Product Features
* Multipurpose handheld steamer for removing wrinkles, creases & odor from garments
* Tough enough for linens, Safe enough for silk
* Safe to use on different types of materials & fabrics
* Lightweight, handheld steamer heats up in seconds for a quick & convenient use
* No more burning / damaging fabrics with heavy, unwieldy irons
* Compact & portable
* Great for travel
* Euro 2-pin plug 220V 1500W
* Have pass CE, ROHS, GS, UL, ETL,BS/UK certificates
* 7.5 foot long power cord
* Steam in less than 3 minutes
* Water capacity for a single refill: 100ml

Product Specification
* Rated Voltage: AC230V
* Rated Power: 800w~1200w
* Rated Frequency: 50Hz~60Hz
* Against Electric Shock Type: lclass

Package Include
* Tobi Travel Steamer Unit
* Flat Brush
* Upholstery Brush
* Cleaning Brush
* Filling Cup
* Instructional Manual



Wrinkles, Creases & Odor Remover








Comparison Before & After Use

before and after

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